Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's remarks on the incident of the gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia on October 25, 2023
2023-10-27 02:13

Helsingin Sanomat: According to the statement of the central police investigating force in Finland, the damage to a Baltic Sea gas pipeline was caused by a ship dragging a large anchor along the sea bed. The anchor has been found in the sea bed next to the pipeline. According to the police, Chinese ship NewNew Polar Bear is the main suspect. It was at the spot exactly at the time of the incident, and it has been later seen sailing apparently without one of its anchors. The ship did not respond when Finnish authorities tried to contact it at the Finnish economic waters. I have three questions. Number one, how do you comment the current results of the investigation? Number two, have Chinese officials been able to talk to the captain and other people on the board? What do they say about the incident? And number three, has the state of China any connection to the ship or the incident of broken gas pipeline?

Mao Ning: Let me take these three questions altogether. China always holds that the international community needs to strengthen cooperation to jointly safeguard the safety and security of transboundary infrastructure. This is very important. China maintains unimpeded communication with parties including Finland over this incident you mentioned. The incident is still under investigation. We hope relevant parties will follow the principles of being objective, fair, just and professional and find out what happened soon. China stands ready to provide necessary assistance in accordance with international law.

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