2023 "Happy Chinese New Year" Event Held in Estonia
2023-02-01 22:43

The 14th "Happy Chinese New Year" events jointly organized by the Beijing City Government, the Chinese Embassy in Estonia, the Rotermann City , and the Mustamäe District Government have been held in Rotermanni Kvartali on January 22 and Mustamäe on January27, 2023, respectively. This is also the first time that "Happy Chinese New Year" has been held twice in Tallinn.

2023 Happy Chinese New Year event site in Rotermann City

At 4:00 p.m. on January 22, the first "Happy Chinese New Year" event of this year kicked off in Rotermanni Kvartali. Chargé d'affaires Mr.Ma Taotao of the Chinese Embassy in Estonia and President of the Estonian Olympic Committee Mr.Urmas Sõõrumaa wished everyone a happy new year. Mr.Urmas Sõõrumaa unveiled the sculpture for the Year of the Rabbit and expressed his deep feelings for Chinese traditional culture. Then performances such as kungfu show, dragon and lion dance, drumming, modern and Chinese style dance brought the event to a climax. After the event, Mr.Ma Taotao was interviewed by the local TV station. 


On January 27, the opening ceremony of the second "Happy Chinese New Year" event and "Beijing Inbound Tour" photo exhibition was held at the Kaja Cultural Center in Mustamäe District. Mr. Ma Taotao and Head of Mustamäe District Mr.Lauri Laats attended the event and delivered speeches. Mr.Ma Taotao stressed that this year marks the first time that the Embassy has tried to hold the "Happy Chinese New Year" outside the central city of Tallinn.Mr.Lauri Laats expressed his best wishes for the traditional Chinese New Year and his thanks to Chinese Embassy, and hoped that the people of Mustamäe would have the opportunity to participate in the celebration of the traditional Chinese New Year every year in the future.

The Eesti Wushu Kungfu Föderatsiooni and TAI-CHI Spordiklubi brought wonderful performances. More than 400 audience watched the "Happy Chinese New Year" Gala show produced by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, in which an Estonian girl living in China introduces the central axis of Beijing . The staff of the Embassy wrote Chinese name cards for the audience on the spot, and distributed red scarves, fortune cookies and other new year gifts. The local people enthusiastically experienced the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and calligraphy art, took family photos, and shared the joy of the Chinese New Year.

The two "Happy Chinese New Year" events were both full of joy and excitement, and the number of participants far exceeded the previous ones.

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