Li Qiang Holds New Year Symposium with Foreign Experts Ding Xuexiang Attends the Event
2024-02-04 22:30

On the afternoon of February 4, 2024, as China's Lunar New Year is approaching, Premier Li Qiang of the State Council had a cordial meeting with the 2023 Chinese Government Friendship Award winners and the representatives of foreign experts who work in China at the Great Hall of the People, and had a symposium and exchange with them.

Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang of the State Council attended the event.

Li Qiang extended New Year wishes and sincere greetings to the foreign experts and their relatives, and thanked them for their long-term care and support for China's development. He also listened carefully to the experts' opinions and suggestions on China's development and government work. Experts from Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Russia and other countries made remarks on scientific and technological innovation cooperation, green development and personnel training, among others.

Li Qiang noted that foreign experts have played an important role in promoting China's economic and social development and facilitating exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries. They have devoted a great deal of effort and sweat to the practice of China's development, making positive contributions and realizing their life ambitions and values. Noting that China is advancing its modernization drive with high-quality development on all fronts, Li said China is a promising land for development full of opportunities in the present and the future, which will provide broad space for foreign experts and other talents for their work and businesses.

Li Qiang stressed that China's development is an open development, and China welcomes talents from all over the world with open arms. He expressed the hope that foreign experts will continue to participate deeply in China's development, give full play to their talents on the big stage of Chinese modernization drive, and at the same time, continue to serve as bridges and bonds for communication and exchanges between China and the rest of the world. The Chinese government will continue to optimize relevant policies, further facilitate personnel exchanges, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and other rights and interests, and create a better environment for foreign talents to work and live in China.

Wang Yi, Wu Zhenglong, and Shen Yiqin were present at the event.

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