Wang Yi Holds Talks with Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra
2022-03-20 22:30

On March 20, 2022, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra in Tunxi, Anhui Province.

Wang Yi congratulated Algeria on the 60th anniversary of its independence revolution, and wished Algeria new achievements on the path of its own development and revitalization. Wang Yi said, China and Algeria are friends in need, and the friendship between the two countries, forged and cultivated in common struggles, should be cherished and inherited together. We remember and thank Algeria for upholding justice and firmly supporting the restoration of the lawful seat of the People's Republic of China in the United Nations more than 50 years ago. China stands ready to work with Algeria to carry forward the traditional friendship, strengthen strategic communication, firmly support each other in safeguarding core interests, and promote greater development of China-Algeria comprehensive strategic partnership.

Lamamra congratulated China on the successful convening of the Two Sessions, saying that China is such a great country that any goals it set can be achieved on schedule, and Algeria expects China to play a greater and more important role in the world. Lamamra said that he is proud of the current high level of mutual trust in China-Algeria relations, satisfied with the outcomes of pragmatic cooperation between the two sides, and full of confidence in the development prospects of bilateral relations.

Lamamra said, today's world is facing severe challenges, and humanitarian crises are worrying. In particular, the lawful rights and interests of a great number of developing countries have been violated, and they have been forced to take sides or even give up their diplomatic autonomy. This situation should not continue. Algeria and China share common historical experiences and similar stances and propositions. Both sides should cooperate closely to safeguard the basic norms governing international relations and uphold a fair and reasonable international order. The Algerian side agrees with China's views on the current Ukraine crisis. Together with dozens of countries, Algeria and China abstained from voting on the UN General Assembly resolution on Ukraine, sending a clear signal that we hope to maintain independence and are willing to give peace a chance. The Algerian side believes that China's proposition, based on international fairness and justice and aimed at promoting peace, stability and security, represents a correct and broad path.

Wang Yi said, we should stay focused and confident amid the turbulent international situation. Apart from some countries that are obsessed with geopolitical games, there are many countries like China and Algeria that have long histories and civilizations and favor peace and justice. As long as we join hands and strengthen solidarity and coordination, we can vigorously promote greater democracy in international relations and push the world towards a brighter future.

The two sides reached broad consensus on deepening bilateral cooperation in various fields, and agreed to sign documents on Belt and Road cooperation at an early date, continue to strengthen the synergy between development strategies, and maintain close strategic coordination on international and regional issues.

The two sides also exchanged in-depth views on the Ukraine issue, the situation in the Middle East, and China's cooperation with Islamic countries and the Arab League, among others.

After the talks, Wang Yi and Lamamra jointly met the press and answered questions.

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