Revised Notice for All China-bound Passengers on Requirements of Applying for Health Declaration Code (HDC)
2021-09-06 01:22

In view of the epidemic situation of Covid-19 and the high risk of cross-infection in international travels, the Embassy recommended "less travel unless for essential and urgent purposes" and reminded all China-bound passengers to ensure personal protection, applying for Health Declaration Certificate (HDC) in accordance with the following revised requirement:

1. General principle

All passengers departing from Estonia by to China are allowed to transit only once. They are required to take both the Covid-19 nucleic acid (PCR) test and serum IgM anti-body (SARS-CoV-2 IgM ALINITY, Abbott) test at testing institutions recognized by Chinese Embassy in Estonia and apply for the green HDC code. After arriving in transit country, it is required to take second PCR and IgM anti-body test at testing institutions recognized by Chinese embassies or consulates-general in transit country and apply for second green HDC code.

2. Testing time

The dual tests should be done within 48 hours before the departure. If the dual tests were conducted on different dates, the earlier date is counted.

3. The testing institutions recognized by the Chinese Embassy in Estonia:

3-1. SYNLAB Eesti OÜ

Tests for both PCR and Covid-19 Serum IgM Anti-body (applicant should specifically stated to carry out SARS-CoV-2 IgM antibody test)

Contact: or 17123

3-2. CONfIDO:

Tests only for PCR

Contact: or 1330, +372 6299 277

Applicant should ask for both PCR and IgM anti-body certificates that bear applicant's name, date of birth, passport number, signature of representative and official seal of testing institution.

4. Requirement of test results

In general, with negative results of PCR test and IgM anti-body tests, applicants can apply for HDC code

5. Detailed requirement of IgM test for different situation

5-1. For passengers unvaccinated or incomplete vaccinated:

Both PCR and serum IgM antibody test results are negative, passenger can apply for HDC code. If IgM anti-body test is positive, passenger will not be eligible for HDC application.

5-2. For passenger vaccinated with inactivated vaccines:

Passengers not diagnosed of COVID-19, can apply for the HDC code with negative serum IgM anti-body test certificate and negative Covid-19 nucleic acid (PCR) test result. If IgM test is positive, passenger must additionally sign the Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination before apply for HDC code.

5-3. For passengers vaccinated with non-inactivated vaccines:

Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines used in Estonia are non-inactivated vaccines. Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines require two doses, and Johnson & Johnson vaccine needs one dose. After vaccination of above non-inactivated vaccines, the serum IgM anti-body (SARS-CoV-2 IgM ALINITY, Abbott) test may appear positive result. Before serum IgM antibody test against N protein (SARS-CoV2-IgM Demedictec N-Necleocapsid Protein) can be conducted in Estonia, passengers need to have negative certificates of PCR and IgM anti-body (SARS-CoV-2 IgM ALINITY, Abbott) test. If IgM anti-body test is positive, the passenger must additionally sign the Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination for HDC code application.

Passengers choose to be vaccinated, they must get all the required shots. Travel to China should be arranged 14 days after the completion of the vaccination.

6.Method of HDC code application

After getting negative certificates of PCR and IgM anti-body, log on the website: or scan the QR code (see attachment 1). Register with email address and log in. Fill out the application and upload the following documents:

6.1 Personal information page of passport

6.2 Chinese visa or residence permit

6.3 Front and back of Estonian ID Card or Residence Permit or Schengen visa (for third country citizens only)

6.4 Certificate of Negative Covid-19 Nucleic Acid test (PCR)

6.5 Certificate of Negative serum IgM anti-body test report (please refer to item 5)

6.6 Vaccination Proof (For instance, EU Digital COVID certificate, the vaccination proof should contain the name, brand of the vaccine, dates of first injection and second injection, official seal and signature of issuing agent or doctor. Please upload both the vaccination proof and EU Digital COVID Vaccination Certificate)

6.7 Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination (download the attachment 3)

6.8 Travel itinerary (including tickets from Tallinn to the transit city and from the transit city to a Chinese entry port)

Upon receiving application, the Embassy will review the uploaded documents and grant the approval for qualified application. Applicant can receive the green Health Declaration Code marked with HDC.

7. Special requirement of some cases:

7.1 Passengers has history of Covid-19 virus

The following passengers are advised to contact the Embassy 3 weeks before arrange trip to China:

-- Passengers recovered from Covid-19;

-- Passengers with positive nucleic acid (PCR) test result;

-- Passengers with positive IgM anti-body test result or IgG anti-body test result yet not be vaccinated

They are required to provide following documents to the Embassy through for assessment

A. X-ray or CT examination of lungs report of with non-abnormal findings.

B. 2 times nucleic acid (PCR) test (at least 24 hours in between) with negative test results

After assessment, the passengers need self-isolate for 14 days before the trip to China. A statement of self-isolation (see attachment 4), together with A & B will be the necessary additional documents for HDC code application. Follow the procedure of HDC code application in 5, take the PCR and IgM antibody test 2 days before departure and apply for health code with negative certificates.

7.2 Passengers with close contact of the Covid-19 virus

Passengers without wearing masks and other protection who had close contacts with the confirmed Covid-19 cases including those without symptoms are required to be self-isolated for 14 days before taking the PCR and IgM anti-body test.

7.3 Seafarers who are to fly to China to join the vessel

They are required to be self-isolated for 14 days before the departure. A proof for the self-isolation is required from the shipping company. During the isolation, if one is confirmed with COVID-19 case, the rest seafarers traveling together are considered close contacts.

7.4 The Chinese Embassy reminds all passengers to declare their personal information truthfully. Passengers intentionally conceal their health conditions or forge test reports will bear all judicial consequences arising thereafter.

7.5 Passengers are advised to screenshot the green HDC code (specimen below) and save it for HDC code application from Chinese embassy or consulate-general in the transit country. For details about the HDC application in the transit country, please check the notice on the webpage or consult with the local Chinese embassy or consulate-general.

7.6. For emergency, please contact Embassy through 00372-5114016

Attachment 1. QR code for access to health code application

Attachment 2.Sample of HDC code

Attachment 3. Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination

Attachment 4. Personal Health Monitoring Form


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