Important Notice Regarding The "Health Code" or "Health Declaration QR-Code" For Passengers Flying To China issued by Chinese Embassy in Finland
2020-11-30 17:41

On 28 November 2020, the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Finland issued Important Notice Regarding The "Health Code" or "Health Declaration QR-Code" For Passengers Flying To China. The method of boarding China –bound flight has been changed at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. We wish to draw the attention of all passengers who starts from Estonia and transit via Helsinki to China to the Embassy’s latest notice and follow the requirement of testing and application of HS or HDC Code in Helsinki. The Notice is as follows:

In order to reduce cross-border transmission of COVID-19 and protect the health and safety of passengers, from December 1, 2020, all passengers who are to fly to China must present certified negative test results of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests, and serum-specific IgM antibody tests (hereafter referred to as the ‘IgM antibody serum test’) to the Chinese Embassy in Finland for a green health code with a “HS” logo for Chinese nationals (hereafter referred to as the ‘Health code’), or a green Health Declaration with a “HDC” logo QR-code for foreign nationals (hereafter referred to as the “Health Declaration QR-code”). The specific requirements are hereby notified as the following:

1.) Testing Requirements

i.) Passengers departing from Finland are to complete nucleic acid and IgM antibody serum sampling and tests at hospitals designated by the Embassy, within 48 hours before boarding. After obtaining negative test certificates from the nucleic acid and IgM antibody serum tests, passengers must apply to the Chinese Embassy in Finland for the Health Code with the “HS logo”, or the Health Declaration QR-Code with the “HDC” logo.

ii.) For transit passengers from other countries who take the tests in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, they are required to upload the negative results through WeChat (Chinese nationals only) or the website and select the testing institution marked with “airport on-site test” to obtain the corresponding Health Code, or Health Declaration QR-Code. Passengers may board the plane with their original negative nucleic acid and IgM antibody serum test results, as well as with their Health Code or Health Declaration QR-Code.

iii.) For passengers to China departing from Finland and transiting via a third country, the Chinese Embassy in Finland will no longer issue Health Codes or Health Declaration QR-Codes. Potential consequences of detention, repatriation, or return to the country of departure arising from transit shall be borne by the individual.

2.) Relevant Information

i.) Chinese nationals are to declare their personal circumstances and information, and upload digital copies of the negative certificates of the nucleic acid and IgM antibody serum tests through the WeChat APP ‘Epidemic Prevention Health Code International Version’.

ii.) Passengers with foreign nationality may log in to the website: on their mobile phone, computer, or other internet interfaces, fill in their personal information, declare their health status, upload negative test certificates and other relevant materials. For further details, please refer to:

3.) List of Designated Testing Institutions

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Chinese Embassy in Estonia

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